Since 2003, Mergili Innovations designs and manufactures tube audio from the ground up. No online kits.  Mergili Innovations restores vintage amps and builds cabinets for others. John Mergili has built at least one thousand Fender style and many British style cabinets. His work is considered  foremost in restoration authenticity. Mergili Innovations uses all American made components whenever possible.  All metal fabrication is done in USA.  No generic, internet kit parts. Mergili Innovations specializes in the unique, the one of a kind.   All products are built entirely by John Mergili.  You may contact at any time during your projects construction.

"John Mergili is a gentleman and a scholar. Whenever my cabinet inventory becomes depleted, or if 

someone need something I don't have, I send them to Mergili for great work and customer service."

​hackworth1; May 19th, 2013

"John Mergili is the best cabinet MAKER I know of operating today. Notice I said MAKER, not supplier. Suppliers resell cheap overseas labor cabs. John makes every cab himself in his workshop. They are as good as vintage Fenders and in some ways superior. Anyone building a DIY tube guitar amp and wondering which cabinet to complete the build with should cut to the chase and get a Mergili in brown lacquered tweed. Life's too short."
Tele-Miester May 20 2013

"My great and unique AMPHIBIAN harp-amp,custom hand made by John Mergili (USA Austin TX) . 2x6V6 & 1×10 ……harp-tone!! "
Paco Belini-Italy   ​July 15th, 2010

"I have one, and love it - I'm probably the guy from Belgium you're talking about. It's incredibly nicely made, has very high quality parts, and comes stock with a power transformer that'll work in the U.S. as well as in Europe.
I've talked to John Mergili in emails as well as on the phone, and he comes off as a very nice guy who stands behind his product all the way, and he's always answered my every question and been very accomodating."

Walter Broes-- Sept 22 2009

"John, I've been playing thru the MajorEnhancement for six months and it has becoame the essential piece of my rig. I don't want to gig without it. I use it thru the Marshall head, the gain boost control totally warms up my tone."
Dave Chambers-- Oct 15 2011

"The cabinet is a wonderful piece of work by John Mergili in Austin TX. Check his website, he does incredible stuff. He has also built more tweed cabinets than most of us have had hot dinners, and he had some very light weight pine,  John gave me a sample piece and built the cabinet with this wood."
David Root-- Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:54 pm 


John in 2012

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